Fulcrum Capital Partners Invests in Lift Philanthropy Partners to Strengthen Social Purpose Organizations

Fulcrum Capital Partners is now a leading sponsor of LIFT Philanthropy Partners with its commitment of $150,000 over three years. This new partnership supports LIFT’s work to strengthen organizations delivering social change in order to improve the health and productivity of Canadians.

“Fulcrum set out to find an organization that delivers services to better the lives of individuals in the communities in which we operate while also resonating with the culture and values that our team strives to embody. In LIFT, we have found this ideal partner and we are excited to support financially and be involved in their work” said Michael Berkson, Partner at Fulcrum Capital Partners.

LIFT provides not-for-profit, social enterprises and other social purpose organizations with a valuable combination of skills, expertise and resources to improve their operations and increase their social impact. LIFT uses a venture philosophy approach where it engages a partner network of pro bono businesses, service providers and other experts to build the capacity of the organizations.

Fulcrum helps entrepreneurial companies to become better and more successful not only by providing the capital needed to build their businesses, but by dedicating resources and establishing meaningful relationships to achieve shared goals.

The organizations’ goals, values and investment approach are well aligned. They look forward to an extremely successful and beneficial relationship.

“Fulcrum and LIFT’s approaches to investing in our portfolio organizations are very similar; we both provide the skills and resources to ensure an organization can achieve the greatest impact possible,” said Bruce Dewar, chief executive officer, LIFT Philanthropy Partners. “We’re pleased to have a partner that understands our model so well and is as committed as we are to using venture philanthropy to invest in social change.”

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